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Reborn 303 (spoilers)
Yet another chapter without fighting. Come on! Someone throw a punch or something. Here I thought there was going to be a showdown between the two groups, but nope.

The colored page of Tsuna is drool-worthy. Haha, I'm content to blow up that picture, paste it on my wall, and spend the rest of my days just staring at it. If only Hibari was in it as well.

The Vendice were kind of like "Hi! ... We got to go now... Play later?" Seriously what in the world could they possibly have to do? Slink together in a corner and see who's the creepiest of them all. I find it funny as hell that the mist took so long to swoop them off.

So pride is on the line and the one who is defeated is the one who has their pride crushed... What? That seems terribly random and ambiguous. And what's with Shimon being like, "You must travel through our maze of an island before you can fight us. Mwahahaha. Find the cake bitches!!!" :sigh: Where are the days when people just ran up and beat up everyone within punching range. Dammit! Where's Hibari!

When Tsuna activated his ring, it was pretty cool to see. What is that circle?

By the way, Julie is really just a creeper. His grin makes me uneasy.

So first person up, Aoba Koyo!!! Dude, go back about 6 chapter spoilers, and I was talking about how one of them would have the power of plants. BOO-YA!!! Hahaha, man I'm tired. I had a flashback to the Varia Arc. They always start off with Ryohei, and it's boxing. Only back then they didn't have the crazy plant ring... or the flames... or box animals... or people who can control plants... Yeah...

I kind of feel like Ryohei is at a disadvantage. 1) They're in a ring that Koyo made. 2) Koyo can control plants... Ryohei doesn't really have an ability like that. I don't think the box animals can counter that. 3)There's probably more but I can't think of any.

Haha, I love that panel where both of them are on fire with fists raised. BOXING!!! THE SPIRIT OF YOUTH!!! I mean they're on FIRE!

Anyway, looking forward to some actual fighting next week. I will go insane if it's more of this talking nonsense.


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