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Reborn ep. 199 (spoilers)
I don't usually do episodes, but I really wanted to comment on this one.

Yay! Ghost!!! Boooo! Bad animation. Goodness, they really didn't bother with Ghost's animation much, did they? I love how everyone in the vicinity needs to say "Ghost?!" when he appears. Yes, waste precious seconds of plot development.

When Mukuro has Chrome in his arms and tilts her chin up, I thought "Ohhh that's way too much stimulation for the poor girl." I would have fainted too. I love the Bel-box, or rather I love how the Bel box groans as its flames are being sucked away. I never noticed that Fran's hat shriveled up as his flames are being sucked dry. Haha, Fran was asking Mukuro for help, but he just outright ignores him to use his box weapon.

Kikyo got a little emotional there. I thought he was going to start crying. His lover master abandoned him. Also in that scene when Byakuran had his hand outstretched to welcome them, did anyone think "RAPIST!!!" or like "BROTHEL MASTER!!!" Well, I did.

Tsuna is coming in to save the day! WHOO!! Dude that little smirk he had after Kyoko and Haru wished him luck was sexy! Haha, we'll make a seme out of you yet, Tsuna!! I swear every time I see Tsuna with Kyoko and Haru I always think he's such a pimp. Haha.

Okay. That's pretty much the extent of my thoughts. The next episode is probably going to be like "blah blah blah - Ghost is dead - blah blah blah - Byakuran appears - blah blah blah - OMG WINGS ARE ASPROUTING!!! End Scene."
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