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Reborn 319 (spoilers)
Oh geez, the angst! The despair! ...The hentai!?

Daemon Spade... is a pervert. That scene with Chrome was shaaaaaaaaaady, my friends. Like super-duper-zomg-raeps?! shady. Considering that Daemon has to at least be a hundred years old, it's even more disturbing that he's raping controlling a 14 year old girl.

Enma's family was killed by Tsuna's father. True, his reaction is warranted, but the way he explodes seems more like a girl who found out her boyfriend is sleeping with her best friend... Just saying.

Tsuna's in shock which is very much in character for him considering he probably feels responsible for Enma's pain. But still, when Adelheid showed up, I wish he would have snapped out of it and realized that if he doesn't get his act together more people are going to get hurt. I do not appreciate Adelheid's comment on Tsuna's pride. Who kicks down a person when they're already down? She deserves a bitch slap for that one, and if I could, I would deliver myself.... and probably die immediately afterwards. Yeah... being skewered by a metal fan does not sound like fun.

By the way, are Adelheid's boobs getting bigger every time I see them? Why doesn't zip up her jacket? The world may never know. Honestly though, they're like BAM! in your face. That's just obnoxious. Since the Shimon's powers grow every day and Adelheid's breasts do too, I'm beginning to think they are the source of her power. Haha, oh god, please no one take me seriously.

And drumroll please..... THE RETURN OF HIBARI... on a badass helicopter. WTF? It kind of scares me, thinking of resources the disciplinary committee may have. And seriously, they're like 16 right? How the hell does Kusakabe know how to fly a helicopter?

I don't even know anymore....

Epic fight next chapter?


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