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Reborn 321 (spoilers)
CHEAP! CHEAP!!! I call foul play!!

What in the world! Why does Adelheid have god-level powers? She locks herself in an impenetrable fortress and has 500!? clones of her that fight with the same amount of strength and skill that she does? Kage-bushin on steroids anyone? Seriously though, that is BS. She could freaking conquer the world with that kind of power if she wanted to.

:sigh: Waaaaaaay too overpowered. If Adelheid has that kind of power, what is Enma's like?

We get to see Hibari's power next chapter. I imagine he just makes the whole world explode with the snap of his fingers or he summons a huge set of teeth that literally bites people to death... That's a weird image.

It's a little irritating that Tsuna is so out of sorts, but I'll be honest, I'm a little happy. "Hibari said to watch his fight. I have to get closer." I can totally enter fangirl mode with this. Tsuna is paying so much attention to Hibari, and even though, I understand it totally doesn't mean in a romantic way, I still squee a little on the inside.

Haha can't stop laughing at Hibird's do.


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