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The Cat Returns
A Ghibli movie from where we have seen masterpieces like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. It's a cute movie, but not up to par with its more popular brethren.

Haru is a normal girl (aren't they all?) who's just dealing with those awkward moments that come with being a teenager (coming late to class and being laughed at by your crush, those crazy teenage limbs). Then she saves a cat from being run over. (It was pretty awesome to watch. She was like zoop with her lacrosse net, scooping up the cat, and being "hell yeahz!"... I added the hell yeahz.) Anyway, the cat stands up on its hind legs, bows, and thanks her.
That's not where it ends. It turns out that cat was the Prince of the Cat Kingdom, and the King of Cats comes to thank her. One thing leads to another and Haru suddenly finds herself betrothed to the Prince. She enlists the help of the Cat Bureau where she meets the Baron (with a really long-ass name), Muta, and Toto. She's kidnapped and taken to the Cat Kingdom in preparation for her wedding. She's slowly turning into a cat, and if she doesn't go back home by dawn, she won't become human again.

I would mostly describe The Cat Returns as a fun movie. It doesn't have those deep undertones like Princess Mononoke and Grave of the Fireflies, though it doesn't quite have the kiddish qualities that My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo has. It has more of a comedic tone to it than the others, and though I wouldn't say it's at the top of my list for favorite movies, I would say it's great for the lulz.

I don't tend to like whiny heroines, but Haru wasn't so bad. Her reactions to things were pretty funny, and for some reason, I really like the voice of her VA. I don't even know.

The Baron was kick-ass. Haha, a little too much probably. At some points, even I was swooning, and I would like to remind you all he's a cat. His voice actor has a nice deep voice. I don't blame Haru for falling with him, but those moments that they were together as human and cat were kind of odd to see. You just knew it would never ever work. Haha.

Muta was great comic relief. He's probably my favorite character actually. He's kind of a Tsundere and his love-hate relationship with Toto was hilarious.

The King of cats was loco. I love how his eyes are all messed up. It added a lot to the crazy effect. He was kind of lovable in his own really annoying way. By the way, his advisor dude is totally into him. Hahaha, I'm just kidding. Good grief, I'm tired.

Honestly it's kind of hard to judge this movie. It's just one of those movies that you would see for fun. You wouldn't come here for emotional satisfaction or a dissection of today's society. If you're looking for something that touches you inside, look elsewhere. This is just a movie you want to sit down to and have a few laughs. I do feel though that it kind of falls short of the usual Ghibli standards. Not by much. Just a smidge. Mostly because it's simply a movie. There's nothing else much behind it. It's still a very enjoyable movie, and it actually rates pretty high on my list of favorite movies (just not the top).

The art is good, not absolutely mind-numbingly beautiful, but it reaches Ghibli animation standards. Character movement was good. I like this scene when Haru has to follow Muta through all these strange passages and back alleys. I particularly liked the way she moved. Character design was okay. They're good at drawing cats, but there were times Haru looked a little odd to me. Honestly  though, it's just pickiness on my part.

Anyway, a fun wholesome movie. I would recommend it if you're bored or if you have some free time.

Plot: 6/10
Art: 8/10
Characters: 6/10
Enjoyment: 8.5/10

Nine Years and Ten Months
Nine Years and Ten Months

Nine years and ten months in the past, Uni was terrified of death.

Aria stared down at her daughter with concern. They had been taking a walk to the kitchen, Uni talking animatedly about a new cartoon she had seen, when the child simply stopped, dead-still and staring off into space. The young girl's eyes, identical to her mother's, were suddenly blank and lifeless. Aria kneeled beside her daughter, rubbing the girl's cheeks soothingly. She knew Uni was seeing into the future, having done so herself many times before. This was Uni's first time. Her daughter wouldn't be hurt, but she couldn't help but hover over the four year old girl anxiously. There was no risk of physical harm, but she knew from experience.

These trips, they could ruin your mind.

Sometimes she wondered if it was cruel of her to bring this child into existence. To force another to live under the curse of the Sky Arcoboleno. In a way, it was, but she couldn't bring herself to regret the decision. Uni was simply too precious. Now that the girl was in her life, she couldn't imagine how she had managed without her.

"Mnn," Uni whined as though waking from a deep slumber and the light returned to her eyes. The girl looked over at her mother before her eyes rolled back in a fit of dizziness. Uni staggered backwards and just barely caught herself before she toppled over. Aria quickly steadied her with a warm hand to her back.

The woman plastered on a bright smile despite the worry eating away at her inside. If there was one thing that Luche had taught Aria, it was that smiles were infectious.

But Uni didn't smile. She didn't frown either. She clutched tightly at Aria's sleeves, tiny fingers curling into the red cotton. She looked at the floor, eyes wide and incomprehensible.

Aria stared at the girl, her smile faltering. There was a touch of fear in her quivering hands as she gently raised Uni's chin so that she could see her child clearly. Looking into Uni's eyes, she realized this wasn't the same girl who had been talking about Doraemon and cheering for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The bright light in her daughter's eyes had been replaced with something darker, more muted. The life was there, but it was traced with fear and disbelief. Lost innocence, replaced by knowledge of what the world really was.

Death, rape, starvation. Aria could recall all the things that she had seen in her years of clairvoyance with every gory detail. She had had nightmares of people she had never met, of people who were already dead. She had lived most of her life glancing at strangers on the street, wondering if she had seen their tragic end.

She wasn't ready to pass on that inheritance to her daughter.

Her lips still quirked in a weak smile, Aria cupped her child's face in what was supposed a comforting gesture, but tears began to drop one by one down the woman's cheeks. Uni, bewildered by her mother's tears, mirrored her mother's gesture and pulled their faces together for an Eskimo kiss. It was something Aria always did when Uni was upset.

As their noses rubbed together, the tears ran faster Aria's cheeks, and she choked back a sob. Because Goddammit! She wasn't ready to lose this, to lose her daughter to the world. Arcoboleno and the Trinisette be damned! They couldn't ruin her child like this! She couldn't ruin her child like this! And she couldn't hold it back any longer.

Aria pulled Uni in for bone-crushing hug. She needed the reassurance that her little girl was there. Her hand ran through her child's soft hair while the other gently rubbed her back, wrinkling the girl's green dress. The woman cried into her daughter's shoulder, muffling sobs into the cotton material that smelled of grass stains and grape juice. If her daughter wouldn't cry over her lost innocence, then she would.

Uni was confused. Her arm was pressed awkwardly into her stomach, and her mother was squeezing a little too tightly onto her shoulders, but she beared with it silently, feeling as though her mother desperately needed this. She nuzzled her nose into the crook of her mother's neck. She wasn't sure what she had seen. A scary man with white hair. A boy with flames coming out of his head. Sh-she h-had… s-saceraficed herself? Something like that.

But she didn't really understand. All she knew was that she had… died. The thought terrified her. This wasn't the ghost in the attic or the boogeyman under her bed. This was… real. She clutched tighter onto her mother.

But-but something good happened because she died. The world was better because she had died. She was kind of like a hero, like in her cartoons. Maybe her mother would be proud of her. Maybe her mother would stop crying and smile.

So Uni smiled as she pressed her cheek into her mother's collar, despite the fear that sat like a stone in her stomach, despite the tears soaking her shoulder.

Because she didn't understand her mother.

Nine years and ten months in the past, Aria was terrified of losing her daughter.


A/N: Huh... Plot Bunny bit me. Kind of surprised that I wrote this. It's a little rushed (written in an hour), un-betaed, not really thought out, basically an insult to the writing procedure, but eh, I felt like writing and I wrote. I actually do kind of like it but that's probably because I finished writing it about 4 minutes ago and I'm still getting off that writer's high. Ah well.
Yes, I do know how to spell sacrifice, but I don't think a four year old Uni knows how to say it.
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My Yearbook Silliness
So I was stalking the hitman reborn community (like I do half the time) when I saw a post by IzzyPuff. IzzyPuff made profiles of Tsuna, Gokudera, Hibari, and Mukuro on, a social networking site, and she challenged us to get Hibari to friend us.

Haha, I kind of cheated. I thought, "Well, I have nothing better to do." So I created Yamamoto Takeshi on MyYearbook, and am now roleplaying as our lovable baseball freak. Then I also added Reborn to the mix. It's pretty fun. I don't think I've role-played since I was thirteen or twelve.

Reborn was a pain in the butt to make because he doesn't have a last name and he technically is one year old. That kind of background doesn't allow for Reborn to create an account on MyYearbook.

Anyway, check it out!

Yamamoto Takeshi


Reborn 302 (spoilers) part 2
Ahh geez, trying to edit my journal entry on my phone is too much of a hassle, and unfortunately my computer is unavailable at the moment.

As you could have probably guessed from my last post, I wasn't too thrilled about this chapter. I don't know rushed, I guess, and it seems Tsuna is just foolishly heading towards imminent doom.

Then I was stalking the hitman reborn comm thread about this chapter. People are saying that they hope Tsuna loses and goes to Vendice. It was like a lightbulb clicked on above my head.

Hmm, I don't know if I talked about it in this journal, but as the future arc was finishing up, I was making a bunch of predictions for the series. Well, actually I was trying to figure out if there would be another arc after the future arc because a lot of series finish around 250 to 300 chapters. Anyway, I reasoned that the series couldn't be ending yet because Tsuna had not yet "destroyed" the mafia as he promised. And then one thought led to another, and eventually I reached the idea that Amano's next arc should be about Vendice. One because Mukuro is still trapped there. Two because the Vendice is a power even greater than the mafia (see how Reborn warns Tsuna against interfering with them when they first appear in the Kokuyo arc). To destroy Vendice is one step closer to destroying the mafia. At the time, I thought "Ooh how cool would it be if she did focus on the Vendice!" But then the inheritance arc rolled around and Shimon appeared, and I thought, "Aww too bad. Not this time."

Honestly though, maybe it is.

The appearance of the Vendice is rather sudden, and before their appearance, the terms between the Vongola and Shimon said that the loser in the fight would destroyed/killed. But now those terms have changed to being imprisoned in Vendice. It's a sudden and very deliberate change when you think about it. I think Amano really is trying to steer the story towards Vendice, and that has me jumping out of my seat with excitement.

There are two basic scenarios. These are my predictions for what I think will happen during the rest of the arc. Don't read if far-off predictions bother you.

One, Tsuna and Co. loses (which is extremely likely in the in-universe P.O.V. because they have only had the gear for a day, haven't tried them, didn't have a training montage, and are missing half their members). They get sent off to Vendice where they save Mukuro, go through a bunch of scuffles trying to break out, defeat Vendice, and then fight the Shimon again.

Two, Shimon loses (lolwhat, how did that happen?). Still Tsuna is caring and the others have a sort of fondness for their Shimon counterparts (I get bonus points if it's Yamamoto that seals the deal by coming back and saying they should save Shimon despite them nearly killing him). They break into Vendice to break out the Shimon and Mukuro (Return of Fran?). They go through a lot of battles, save everyone, and cripple Vendice.

Actually from a purely story development P.O.V., I think the second scenario is very likely. Though it seems a little unrealistic for Tsuna to be able to defeat Shimon at this point of time, this scenario resolves a lot of conflicts and in a much cleaner way than the first scenario does. The most important thing the second scenario does is resolve Shimon's trust issue with the Vongola. How can you not trust the people that break into the highest security prison to help you? They also have to work together to escape.

Yes, I understand. This is extrapolation to the extreme, but I don't think these predictions are too outrageous. Ahh, I can't wait to see how this turns out, and I realize I'm going to be extremely disappointed if they don't go to Vendice.

On a sort of different note, there are these extra pages in the most recent volume that has come out with Byakuran standing on a beach. It isn't known for sure if that was Byakuran alive or TYE Byakuran (though my vote is for TYE Byakuran). It seems he's in a prison by the clasp around his ankle. So here's more extrapolation. I think that was Byakuran at Vendice, and Tsuna is going to meet him again when he goes to the prison. Haha, that could have been one of Amano's hints about the direction of the story.

Good grief, I feel like I'm trying to weave this conspiracy theory for Reborn.

On a very different note, I have the Reborn Blue Rivale Character CD on my computer. Happy! I like Mukuro's, Fran's, and Bel's the most. Spanner and Shouichi kind of make me laugh. Actually when I hear the beginning I always think disco music. Odd? Yeah I know. Spanner's VA didn't sing very much, and I was a little sad. I like Kikyo as well. Hmm I like Perfect World more than Parade. It has to do with the chorus. I think I also like Squalo's first song more than this one but I can't be sure. I can't really comment of Xanxus. My memory is too fuzzy to be doing this.

Okay, well I think I'll stop now. Haha, I think I have a pretty good prediction, so I hope anyone reading will tell me what they think or give some of their own input.

Reborn 302 (Spoilers)
Eh what?

That pretty much sums up my reaction to this chapter. Nothing much happened. It's one of those chapters that just set up the situation and place.

Haha, the island is invisible. Lolwhat? What silliness. How the heck do you hide a whole island? Oh well, this is world where boys can fly with flames coming out of their heads and animals pop out of tiny boxes (Pokemon?). I suppose I can believe in an invisible island.

I think it's funny how Shimon is just all lined up on that cliff. How long had they been waiting there? Why doesn't Adelheid (I actually forgot her name and had to go look it up) close up her outfit? The fanservice actually weirds me out. She looks terribly misproportioned.

I'm interested in the Vendice's appearance because they were always the group shrouded in mystery, though I kind of laughed when they said, "We only know how to hate," or something along those lines. They kind of remind me of dementors when they said that. Very sad little dementors.

Does anyone get the feeling that Tsuna and Co. are not ready for this? Sure they have shiny knew belt buckles, but uh.... yeah... 50 bucks on Shimon!!! Haha, that's terrible of me. Ah well, I'm sure Tsuna shall use the power of friendship to get through this one.

I'm very sarcastic today. Sorry about that. I got to go. I'll come back and finish this later.

Reborn Nostalgia?
So I suddenly had the urge to re-watch Tsuna's older battles in the anime, like the ones against Mukuro and the Varia. I kind of miss the old-school fighting (well, as old-school as you can get with flames coming out of your head). The punching, the quick maneuvering, the awesome flips mid-air, the amazed exclaims of "He's flying!?" I mean, the fights then seemed more interesting to watch with unpredictable movement and bad-ass dying will carnage. Now all Tsuna has to do is one punch, maybe a kick, an X-burner, and he's done. It's becoming a formula, especially when you watch the fillers. Sorry that I don't want another Pokemon or Sailor Moon where every single fight scene is the same thing over and over again. Where are you, creativity! Where are you, original ideas?! We need you to save our ratings!!!

Haha, I'm really out of it for some reason.
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The Chaos Theory by Bullwinkle's Lady
Haha, okay. It's been a while since I've written a review for a fanfic. I've been having a hard time finding ones I liked this summer, and many of my hopefuls haven't been updating, but that is life I suppose. It's not like I should talk. I haven't been updating either.

Anyway, back on subject. This story is for Naruto, rated M, and from a beloved veteran writer for Sasuhina.

A complex and intricate story for sure. Spoilers ahead so watch out!

Twenty-five year old Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, and five year old Kasai (Sasuke and Hinata's child) travel back in time to save Konoha. Sounds like your standard time travel fic. It is... or is it? Well, for the most part, it is; what separates it from the others is the brilliant writing and the amazing use of twists and paradoxes (Paradi? What's plural for paradox?).

What I admire most of this story is the crazy web of events that happen. If I had written this story, I probably would have gotten dizzy just trying to keep all the events straight. Her story is veiled in mystery and such heavy suspense that it makes the reader salivate, wanting to know what happens next (Haha, I did almost drool onto my computer. Don't actually drool. It's bad for the electronics.) BWL is amazing at laying very subtle and well-placed hints about the character's pasts and their plans to change the future. They poke at your curiosity, tempt you to extrapolate (usually incorrectly if you're not paying enough attention). Then the hints all come together at the center revealing this insane and absolutely amazing plot. She's brilliant at leading you to believe one thing, and then twisting your head at the last minute to reveal something else. It's been a terribly long time since I had difficulty guessing what would happen in a story.

The flow is seamless, and the characters are realistically human, almost frighteningly so. The pain, the panic, is palpable and pulls at your heartstrings because the stress and the decisions they make would have torn anyone else apart. It must be terrifying to realize that any decision you make can change the actions of you past selves which in turn can lead to changes to you overnight. For example, Mirai Naruto (Mirai means future. The authoress said it sounds better than future, and I have to agree) tells Tsunade that she's going to die in a week, and Tsunade, concerned over her legacy, passes on the Creation Rebirth Jutsu (that one that allows her to regenerate cells at an amazing rate in exchange for a portion of her life) to young Sakura. Overnight, specifically at midnight, Mirai Sakura loses half of her life span because the future has been changed. The butterfly effect in motion. There are many other examples such as this one that all mesh together to create her beautiful story.

Desperation. Fear. Borderline insanity. The pain of losing a child. There's a lot of raw emotion from the characters that immerses the reader into their world. Perhaps the only thing about the characters that doesn't sit well with me is that Hanabi, who is a pivotal part of the story, has been more robot than human. But I'm not willing to pass judgment yet because the story is still incomplete, and I feel Hanabi's story is just beginning.

People have said that they got confused with the story. Now if you're getting confused as to who's who and what's happening where and other immediate details like that, that's your own fault. You're not reading carefully enough. She makes her settings and the characters explicit enough that you should able to catch on to the events that are happening at the time. Her story isn't one that you can just skim over and get the gist of. I get kind of annoyed when people complain that they just don't understand her story and whine about it.

However, if you're confused as to how all the parts of the story fit into a bigger whole, I suggest you read the whole thing in one go. I can understand that certain details might have been lost over time. It makes perfect sense if you read it all rather than in installments.

I have read many Sasuhina fanfics (not the high school ones, sorry), and I feel that this story is absolutely overflowing with potential. My favorites in the past have been Torn and Fireworks by Renoa Heartilly and Ikigai by Lanse. Three absolutely beautiful stories if you have any free time, but I'm going to throw my neck out there and say that I think The Chaos Theory could grow beyond those stories. It has the potential to be the Holy Grail of Sasuhina.

Anyway, the story is incomplete as of now, but it's totally worth following. Good Luck, Bullwinkle Lady! I think you're doing fantastic.

Well, that's said and done. Haha, I'm sure no one reads this journal anyway. Atalantis, signing out!

Reborn 301 (spoilers)
So I got the chapter before it was released onto the online viewing sites. Hee hee.

Vongola gear? ...I dunno, the name is kind of dorky. I feel like they've now formed a geek squad. That aside, I'm glad the items have a collective name because I was getting tired of calling them "the new awesome crap they got out of the rocksjkflgjdakdkf."

Anyone sense the tense atmosphere when Nono told Reborn to go with them? I imagine Amano Akira could never have an arc where Reborn wasn't a pivotal part, but I'm kind of hoping that Reborn's presence serves more than just for moral support. I grred when Nono prevented Reborn from fighting. I was upset, saying "Damn it! Kill my hopes, why don't you?!" Will we ever see Reborn seriously fight outside of the filler episodes of the Anime?

There was a quick Kyoko27 moment. The kind where two people are oddly on the same wavelength. Eh... I guess I'm not a particularly huge fan of the pairing. It's alright. If I was to let my yaoi fan-girl brain take over, I would interpret that goodbye as a little more than just a simple farewell before he goes off to fight. Yet, honestly that's pretty unrealistic, so I promptly shut up my yaoi fan-girl thoughts.

Now what really got me excited about this chapter! Shouichi and Spanner!! Haha! I'm so glad that they're back, and they look so cute compared to their ten year later selves. I cooed over the picture of younger Spanner. He looks so young! I imagine Shouichi was pretty troubled by the visions of the future Uni gave him, but what about Spanner? Shouichi kind of had an idea, but Spanner isn't even in Japan! He doesn't have a clue. He must have been so confused, seeing all these people all talking in a foreign language, and finding he was on the evil side, and reliving everything from the future arc. That would be one crazy acid trip.

I don't really have any predictions. I kind of want to see things from Shimon's perspective for a moment, but we're so focused on the Vongola that might not happen. I want Yamamoto to appear! Sadness! Lambo... well, the boy has survived this long, hasn't he?  I feel like Tsuna has a good point not bringing Lambo, but what can you do when Reborn is adamant? Why hasn't Mukuro kicked ass and broken out yet? Haha, I have no clue where I'm going with this paragraph.

Anyways, here's to an exciting chapter 302!

Reborn! CD: Red - Famiglia -
Huggles. I'm happy right now. My Reborn obsession has been fed. True, I've had the songs on my computer for about a week, but I'm still happy.

Okay, everything that I'm about to say is from someone who has close to no experience with music. I don't know anything about composition or how amazing the instrumental parts are. I did sing in choir for a bit, so I know a little about voice, but that's about it.  So keep in mind, all the things are just my opinion on what I like and/or don't like.

Right Now: Tsuna and Basil
This is one of my favorites on the CD. It's really upbeat and pretty damn catchy. I'll be honest. I can't tell between Tsuna and Basil. Both their voice actresses have similar voices. I spent a while trying to figure it out, but I couldn't do it. >.>;;
It really is an easy song to listen to with an nice beat and flow. I think Yukari-san (Tsuna's VA) is getting better at singing when compared to Tsuna Life. She seems more confident in her singing. :)
I love that thing in the end when Basil is so excited, saying he's never sung an enka before and you can imagine the exasperated look on Tsuna's face as he says that it wasn't an enka.

Yell: Gokudera
Another favorite of mine. I feel like this one runs along the lines of Hashire on beat and flow, especially in the chorus. This is the one I like to bop my head to. I love reading the lyrics. He's such a Jyuudaime-tard.
Ichi-san is also getting better at singing (I'm going to be saying that a lot probably). I used to laugh all the time when I heard him sing because his voice would go off-key, and it was the most adorable thing. He doesn't do that anymore, and I'm almost sad, but his songs are easier on the ears now. I feel in general that the voice actors tried harder at the beginning to sing like their characters, and now they're just singing, not concentrating too hard on sounding like their characters. I think it's better that way. You can tell it's the characters, and it sounds good.
Aww Gokudera is so cute when he sings about his Jyuudaime. (Hides in my 5927 hole.)

Ame no Message: Yamamoto
This one is very... glittery. At least, I get that feeling with the xylophone or chimes or whatever they are. Then there are those electronic additions that  make it feel very shojo. It's cute.
I liked Yamamoto's last song a little more, but this one is nice too. Yamamoto always has really happy songs, doesn't he? I feel like this was attempt at something a little more serious with the slower beat and subdued tone, but then they were like"...This isn't quite like Yamamoto... Let's add glitter!"
Lol, I do like the song though. It rates pretty high on my list, and of course, Inoue-san is better at singing. I used to laugh at him the same way I laughed at Ichi-san. Honestly, it was adorable when they messed up, but they grew up. :sigh:
When I listen to this song, i always imagine a chibi Yamamoto walking down a rainy street, all smiles, and swinging his closed umbrella in circles. Weird. Ehh, no comment.

Destiny: Reborn
Reborn's songs are always that take me the longest to warm up to. I always do eventually. I used to hate Costume Party but I get it stuck in my head quite a bit nowadays. I figure it may take me a while to warm up to this one too. I'm not sure what it is. It could be the voice, but I've gotten used to it by now, so I don't think it's that. They do this odd thing with Reborn's songs sometimes, where they fit too many words into the music so a line of the music oddly drags on. I still notice it now. It irks me, but once I get used to it, I tend to glaze over it.
This one seems to have a bit more of a heavy beat than Reborn's other songs. I'm not sure if it fits Reborn's nasal tone of voice, but it doesn't sound bad. I like the chorus. I've been listening to it on repeat while writing this paragraph. The chorus is really starting to grow on me.
I love Neeko. She's adorable. I'm looking forward to see Rebocon 4 and seeing how she choreographs this one (as well as what crazy hairstyle she has this time.)

Mata Ashita: Ryohei
I remember when I first heard the Famiglia song for the first time. I laughed at Ryohei's part. He sounded so gruff; it felt like he was more barking the part than singing. Since he actually took character songs though, I feel he's toned down the gruffness of Ryohei's voice. It sounds nice, and his songs actually hit the top of my lists a lot.
I was a little surprised this was Ryohei's song at first. This song is pretty toned down on the EXTREME. It's rather mellow, and it's a song I like swaying my hips to (I'm standing while I'm typing). I might like his last song slightly more, but this one isn't too far behind.

Tatta Latta: Everyone who's a ten on the kawaii scale (except Tsuna). Lambo, I-Pin, Kyoko, Haru, Chrome
I'm kind of sad that they grouped all of them together. They're all cute, but different kinds of cute if you get what I mean. Just compare Kyoko/Haru's Best Friends to Lambo/I-Pin's Sleeping Lullaby thing (I don't know the name off the top of my head). Also Chrome's VA is one of the best singers. I've really loved the songs that she's sung by herself. It seems a shame to cut her part short by grouping her with the others.
That aside this song is another favorite. It is CATCHY. Like the tatta latta parts are soo fun to sing. Really upbeat (as you could have probably could have guessed with a title like Tatta Latta) That is one damn cheerful song.
Lambo and I-Pin are Lambo and I-Pin. I love the sounds Lambo makes randomly in songs. He is one crazy nutcracker. I'm always amazed at Takeuchi Junko's talent to be able to sing and still sound amazingly like her character. For example, when Yukari-san sings, you can tell that Tsuna is voiced by a woman. Even when Junko sings as Naruto, she sounds scarily as Naruto. I-Pin is a voice I can't follow when I sing this song. Her voice is so high and the transition is so fast that my voice refuses to follow.
Kyoko and Chrome sound similar. I have trouble distinguishing them sometimes. The only way I can tell is that Chrome is slightly softer and more breathy than Kyoko.
I love Kyoko and Haru's voices. I didn't really like Haru and Kyoko when I first got into KHR. (Haru still kind of makes me want to slap her sometimes). I liked them more after I heard them sing, kind of grudgingly at first. They have talent. A lot of people acknowledge that Kyoko has talent but I think Haru does too. Kyoko has a soft and sweet quality to her singing, and Haru's is slightly fuller and she has a stronger voice than Kyoko. In that way, I liked the characters because I liked their singing. Weird? I think so, too.

Be More: Dino
Wow, swoon. Kenn has a really nice voice. :giggles like an idiot:
It's a smooth song, yes definitely smooth. Pretty mellow. I can't compare to any predecessor, but I do like this one. 
LMAO, I love whoever wrote the lyrics for this one. Be more hard, be more hard. Oh come on, that's too blunt. I bursted out laughing when I first heard it. If I didn't feel like Dino wasn't trying to seduce the listener earlier with his silky voice, I'm definitely sure he is now. All jokes aside, I like the meaning behind the lyrics to push yourself to protect what's important. or something along those lines. I still laugh like an idiot at the be more hard.

Akashi: Hibari
I'll say it outright. I'm a Hibari fangirl to the extreme. His voice makes me giggle like I've been drinking bubbles.
That aside, Kondo-san is one of the best singers of the group, and I'm not being biased. He has a nice velvet voice, and his songs almost always top at my list. I do have a hard time imagining Hibari singing like Kondo-san does. Hell, I have a hard time imagining Hibari singing, period.
This time his song doesn't quite hit the top, but I still love the song. I like Horizon slightly more. This one is pretty fast-paced... compared to his other songs. It feels a little lighter compared to his first two songs but not as light as Horizon (Not that Horizon is really light, mind you).
I read the lyrics to this one. Usually Hibari is singing about ripping people down and eliminating people out of his way, quite terrifying actually, but this one has notably less of such mentions. He seems to be more connected to the Vongola in this song.

Goodness, this was looooong. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Blue~Rivale where we get to hear all the people who were enemies of Vongola. I'm especially looking forward to Mukuro (Kind of sad he wasn't with Vongola) and Fran. I'm having trouble thinking of Fran singing, considering the boy is so monotone. Lol, I can't wait to hear it. Shouichi and Spanner are singing together ( I can hear the fangirls screaming already). Byakuran has a pretty good voice, and I want to hear Kikyo sing (because Easy Go is one of my favorite openings). We also get to hear a lot of the Varia. I haven't really listened to the first Varia too carefully, so I better do that before August 18th.

Have to go. Later!

Reborn 300 (spoilers)
The Vongola are accessorizing now!

This chapter pretty much went how I thought it would. Some people complained that it was too easy for them to get the new items, but I think they might be dead if they wait another day.

When the items came in these huge rocks, I was like "... okaaay, there's a tiny ring in that?" So Ryohei has a Bangle, Hibari a bracelet, Gokudera the belt buckle, and Tsuna a ring. I like the design of Hibari's bracelet. Actually the spikes make me think Gokudera would want the bracelet more than the belt buckle. I like the sky ring too. It looks cool with the chain connecting the pinky ring and knuckle ring.

So question, didn't the old man say he was going to make new rings? Out of these rocks, pop out bracelets and belt buckles. To be honest, I was too excited to notice until the third time I re-read the chapter. It is pretty funny though. As someone put it best, "Are flames going to come out of Gokudera's crotch?" I thought along the same lines when he got the belt buckle. It's hard to curb perverted thoughts like that. I almost wish we still had box weapons because it would be hilarious trying to see how Gokudera would open his boxes with his belt buckle.

Jokes aside, the items actually fit when you think according to their weapons. System CAI is all on Gokudera's belt. Hibari's vongola weapon are handcuffs. I'm still trying to figure out Ryohei's bangle besides it would be a nice looking accessory with the boxing gloves.

We're still left with the Mist, Rain, and Lightning. A headband? Necklace? Choker? Anklet? Lol, I feel like I'm trying to come up with weapons for Sailor Moon. The moon scepter!! Oh shojo anime, how you make me want to bash my head against my keyboard.

They probably need to save Chrome first. Honestly Yamamoto is at such at an iffy state at this point because he's in critical condition. Lambo... is well Lambo. I'm kind of worried when he needs to break open his new item. His TYL self probably needs to come down and do it because I don't think 5 year old Lambo would even know what to do. He'd probably think the stone was candy or he'd just throw it out the window thinking it was useless. Oh geez, that sounds like a filler episode for the anime. Please oh please I hope none of the producers realize the same thing that I just wrote. These fillers kill me enough as it is.

Don't have much left to say. I'm happy that chapter 300 of Reborn was the last chapter of Reborn Onemanga hosted. It's a special number (just because it's a hundred). Onemanga, I remember when I came across you when I was 14, totally clueless to the way of manga. Most of my favorite projects I found on your site, and you opened my eyes to a lot of genres I've come to love. Thank you for your wonderful years of service. You guys started a revolution on online viewing. :bows:


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