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Hunter x Hunter progress report
So out of boredom, I'm rewatching a series that I had started two years ago but never finished. It's kind of amazing how addicting this series is. I'm obsessively watching it like I did two years ago. It's a good series and does a good job of keeping the tension and pace up. A lot of series fall into a lull once you watch too much, but not Hunter x Hunter.

So I just finished episode 41, and I started the series 4 days ago. So I watch on average five hours worth everyday... That's kind of crazy, even for me.

So yaoi fangirl popped up again and said, "Let's root for Gon and Killua." Seriously, it's hard not to because there aren't really any alternatives. That and they're so cute!

Hisoka scares me. On levels you can't even imagine. I was on TV tropes, which my friend recently introduced me to, and I saw the no yay article. No yay pairings are ones that seem messed up on so many levels that it makes the audience,  I quote, reach for the brain bleach. Yeah Hisoka with Gon or Killua is pretty much No Yay for me, which I kind of find hilarious because it's the second example on TV tropes for No Yay.

I'm also probably going to start reading the manga too. I have to admit, the artwork is a little shoddy at some points but I'm pretty sure the plot will make up for it.

Update: Oops I thought I already posted this. Okay so I'm watching episode 42. Why does everything Hisoka says sound like a proposition? :shiver: Haha Now I'm done.

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It's a great series! It's still one of the best shounen series I've watched and read. I just hope Togashi would stop the long hiatus and continue. |||orz

I swear I can't understand Hisoka. I think he's one of the most mysterious characters I've known. He's got so little history and I just can't predict him. ^^;

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